Permanent Reminders

Here is an excerpt from a story published in the News & Observer on Veterans Day 2012.

“The N.C. Persian Gulf War Memorial Commission, formed in 1996, also set a fundraising goal of $500,000 for the monument it planned to erect on Halifax Mall in downtown Raleigh, the open grassy area between the Legislative and the Archdale buildings. The group started with a $100,000 donation from the government of Kuwait, which gave the money because 40 percent of those who served in Desert Storm and Desert Shield came from military bases here.”

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In a temporal age, monuments are permanent reminders of veterans’ sacrifices….



20th Anniversary – August 2nd, 1990

Today is the anniversary of the day that started with the invasion of Kuwait by neighboring Iraq. The United States of America soon launched Operation Desert Storm as a swift response. The result was the liberation of Kuwait. Several years later, the Emir of Kuuwait delivered $100,000 dollars to the State of North Carolina as a gift of appreciation and to establish a memorial dedicated to those who served, lost their lives, and may continue to suffer from the wounds of war. Over 40% of all active duty personnel who served in the Persian Gulf War, were based out of North Carolina.

The NC Gulf War Memorial Network would like to recognize this milestone as the start of a fundraising drive to obtain enough public, private, corporate, state and federal contributions to match and exceed this generous international gift. The primary objective is to finish the fabrication and installation of the Memorial on the Halifax Mall in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Additional funds raised over the actual cost of this Memorial will be directly attributed to the recognition of the heroes of the present-day Iraq War, as well as the Afghanistan War.

Thank you for your support and contributions.
-Eric Schneider, Designer, on behalf of the North Carolina Persian Gulf War Memorial Commission.