The following list shows the many ways that you may participate. Please see item # 1 below to become an active member and to receive notification on all upcoming activity. Please give us your feedback on how you would like to best support this cause. Here are our recommendations, with forms and details to follow.

1. Join the Network (always FREE)  to keep informed of special events and activities related to the North Carolina Persian Gulf War Memorial.

2. Donate Now using a simple Paypal-enabled link. Any  $ amount is encouraged. (COMING SOON- CONTACT US to receive an alert when ready)

3. Dedicate a Commemorative Brick engraving for the walkway and surrounding installation. (COMING SOON – Virtual 3D Brick Campaign)

4. Become a Gold Sponsor as a private or anonymous contributor.

5. Become the Premiere Corporate Sponsor and fund the remaining balance of the entire project.

6. Request a Corporate-Sponsored Network Partnership, and host a fundraising event.

7. Donate as a small business leader and extend your community outreach.

8. Become a Corporate Sponsor of a commemorative Memorial Plaque.

9. Become a Patron of the Arts and support the non-profit  design and promotional activities directly.

10. Volunteer as a resource for educational and fund-rasing activities as a Network Design Guild member.

All public and private contributions are 100% tax-deductible under the North Carolina Persian Gulf War Memorial Fund, a 503c non-profit organization established in 1996 in Raleigh, NC.

Donations specified as contributions to our Patrons of the Arts fund, as well as the Network Design Guild will be designated as discretionary funds for the promotion and maintenance of this site and related materials required to design, develop and deliver this experience to you, and to provide educational opportunities to future generations of Memorial designers.

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